Monday, 6 October 2008

Welcome to Introduction to Applied Mathematics (B568a), Fall 2008

This is the website for Maths B568a (Introduction to Applied Mathematics) for the Michaelmas 2008 term.

The lecture meets only during week 1. It will meet in L1 in the Mathematical Institute on Monday (10-12 am), Tuesday (4-6 pm), Thursday (5-6pm), and Friday (12-1 pm).

There will be one problem sheet. I will eventually post solutions that you can check with your answers (which you do not submit). These problems and solutions are for your own benefit. As this course is meant as a preview for other courses that you are taking, you will benefit the most from it by doing the practice problems immediately.

On this blog, I'll be posting links, answering questions that are of general relevance to the course, etc.

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Warner Carter said...

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